Saturday, March 7, 2015

Oz 0.13.0 release

I'm pleased to announce release 0.13.0 of Oz. Oz is a program for doing automated installation of guest operating systems with limited input from the user. Release 0.13.0 is a bugfix and feature release for Oz. Some of the highlights between Oz 0.12.0 and 0.13.0 are:
  • For Fedora, if the user specifies a version, but that isn't supported yet, try the last supported version (in this case), as that will often work.
  • Fix a regression where we forgot to force the qcow2 image type
  • Allow installs that use more than one installation device
  • Add support for RHEL 6.5
  • Rename OEL-6 to OL-6
  • Add support for Ubuntu 14.04
  • Add Windows 8.1 support
  • Add CentOS-7 support
  • Add the ability to specify kernel parameters in the TDL
  • Make sure to remove dhcp leases from guests after the install
  • Fix support for FreeBSD
  • Add in support for TDL "precommands"; these are commands that are run *before* package installation
  • Fix up file locking
  • Add support for RHEL 5.11
  • Remove Ubuntu ssh keys at the end of installation
  • Add support for Ubuntu 14.10
  • Add support for XInclude, for merging various TDLs together
  • Add Fedora 21 support
  • Add support for ppc64 and ppc64le
A tarball and zipfile of this release is available on the Github releases page: Packages for Fedora-20, Fedora-21, Fedora-22, EPEL-6, and EPEL-7 have been built in Koji and will eventually make their way to stable. Instructions on how to get and use Oz are available at If you have questions or comments about Oz, please feel free to contact me at clalancette at, or open up an issue on the github page: Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release through bug reports, patches, and suggestions for improvement.

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  1. Hey!

    Have you tested the Windows 8.1 install script? Asking because it is identical to Windows 8 one and using the same script for both didn't work on GNOME Boxes.

    Best Regards,