Saturday, August 18, 2012

Oz 0.9.0 release

I'm pleased to announce release 0.9.0 of Oz. Oz is a program for doing automated installation of guest operating systems with limited input from the user.  Release 0.9.0 is a (long overdue) bugfix and feature release for Oz. Some of the highlights between Oz 0.8.0 and 0.9.0 are:
  • Easier to create Debian/Ubuntu packages
  • Ability to specify the disk size in the TDL
  • Ability to specify the number of CPUs and amount of memory used for the installation VM
  • Cleanup and bugfixes to oz-cleanup-cache
  • Ability to install Fedora-17 disk images
  • Ability to install guests as a non-root user.  This has several caveats; please see the documentation on for more information
  • Ability to install RHEL-6.3 disk images
  • Ability to install ScientificLinuxCERN disk images
  • Ability to install Mandrake 8.2 disk images
  • Ability to install OpenSUSE 10.3 disk images
  • Ability to install Ubuntu 12.04 disk images
A tarball of this release is available, as well as packages for Fedora-16. Instructions on how to get and use Oz are available at .

If you have any questions or comments about Oz, please feel free to contact or me ( directly.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release through bug reports, patches, and suggestions for improvement.