Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Release of libdeltacloud 0.8

I'm pleased to announce the release of libdeltacloud version 0.8. libdeltacloud is a library for accessing the Deltacloud API from C or C++ programs. There are several important changes in this release:

  • The API for deltacloud_create_instance() has been changed, hopefully for the last time. The previous version of the API had separate parameters for every option we wanted to pass to the deltacloud server. This was confusing and required that we break the API every time we wanted to add a new parameter. The new version of the API expects an array of deltacloud_create_parameter structures that describe the options to pass to the create call. This is more intuitive, more flexible, and shouldn't require us to break the API again.

  • We no longer expect return data from POST calls to the deltacloud API. The deltacloud API does not guarantee any return data from a POST call (such as that used to create new instances). libdeltacloud was erroneously assuming it would get data back, which was causing problems with certain deltacloud backends. The new version doesn't expect any return data from POST, and instead requires the user of the library to make an additional GET call if they want additional information about an instance.

  • Other minor bugfixes

The release is available here.

The source code is available from: git://git.fedorahosted.org/deltacloud/libdeltacloud.git

As always, questions, comments, problems and patches are welcome!

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