Monday, January 17, 2011

One of the projects I work on at Red Hat is cloud management. Our cloud projects rely on Deltacloud, a cross-cloud API, to do the real work on the cloud.

Due to some historical baggage, some of the other cloud projects were also under the Deltacloud name although they didn't directly deal with the API. In order to reduce confusion, we have renamed these projects under a new umbrella project, Aeolus. The website for this is The main project under the Aeolus umbrella is the Conductor, a web-based UI for managing instances in clouds. There are also several other subprojects that help the Conductor do its job, including:

  • Oz (an automated guest installation system)
  • Image Factory (a project to do installation of guests along with transformation of them to particular cloud backends)
  • Image Warehouse (a project to move data from place to place depending on user-specified rules)
  • Audrey (a system for configuring cloud instances on-the-fly)

If you have interest in what Red Hat is doing in the cloud, please stop by the website and see what we have to offer. As always, we welcome comments, questions, constructive criticism, and contributions; please send such to the Aeolus mailing list.

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